Our Services

Collision Repair


At Jost Garage, we take pride in our estimating process because we believe a precise estimate leads to a timely repair. The first point of contact in this process is with our estimate experts for a visual assessment with the customer. Next, the vehicle will travel down to our state-of-the-art tear down facility where we use the latest technology to scan your car for internal damage to ensure a complete repair.

Body Repair

We look at every auto repair large or small as if it were our own. Our technicians are both I-CAR and ASE certified to ensure the highest quality safety standards for our customers.

Auto Painting

In the autobody industry, vehicle paint is the top concern when restoring value in your car. At Jost Garage, we consider our auto painting services as a huge asset in our collision repair process. A huge factor that we look at when applying the proper paint is the weather environment. New Jersey has a very unique climate, we experience winter storms and sizzling summer’s. These weather extremes can have a drastic effect on your vehicle’s paint when you do not have the right protection. At Jost Garage we offer top warranty for the complete repair, paintwork and color matching. We use a advanced technology for the paint matching system and color mixing. Our job isn’t complete until you are fully satisfied in your vehicle restoration.

Major Mechanical

Tire Services

  • Tire Inspection
  • Tire Disposal
  • Tire Rotation
  • Valve Stems
  • New Tire Installation
  • Tire Mounting and Balancing

Brake Systems

Your car’s brake systems are the most important element of your vehicle’s safety. Our technicians are highly qualified for brake replacement and implementation. When it comes to safety, Jost Garage is your choice to ensure your vehicle is operating up to our top quality standard.


When analyzing your car’s alignment you should consider three questions.

  • Is your car pulling one side while driving?
  • Do you have to replace tires on one side more often than the other?
  • Does your car perform up to it’s MPG capabilities?

If you have found problems in any of these areas come by Jost Garage and take advantage of our re-alignment services.

Shocks, Struts, Steering & Suspension

When repairing suspension parts we utilize our strategic partnerships with auto part suppliers to cut down cycle time on your auto-repair.

  • Shocks
  • All Suspension Arms
  • Struts
  • Tie Rods
  • Steering Racks / Boxes
  • Bushings


Jost Garage uses high-tech auto scanning systems to check crucial sensors in your car such as:

  • Check Engine Light
  • Cooling System
  • System Restrains (SRS)
  • Brake System
  • Battery Charging
  • Electrical System
  • Fluids

Frame and Unibody Specialist

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When it comes to Unibody Repair at Jost Garage, our first priority is in keeping the integrity of your vehicle frame. Our technicians at Jost Garage are experts at identifying the vehicle frame metal type, which can be the most difficult part of the repair since each vehicle frame can be comprised of various materials ranging from Boron to Ultra High Strength Steel.

One Day Bumper Replacement

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Bumpers may seem like small part for your car. But with Jost Garage One Day Bumper Repair program we can make this a priority for you. We guarantee a full bumper repair in one day in without the inconvenience of having your car sit in a garage for days.