Will I have to bring my car to Jost Garage?

No, At Jost Garage we offer our customers free vehicle pick-up and delivery for your convenience.

What if I would not want to have my vehicle repaired?

Jost Garage makes competitive vehicle buyout offers available to it’s customers.

Will damage show up on CarFax?

Anytime a vehicle repair is handled through your insurance company the damage will show up on CarFax.

Where do I pay my deductible?

The deductible is paid at Jost Garage, and your insurance company will send us the balance.

What will I do for transportation while my car is getting repaired?

We have a unique Rental Car Assistance program here at Jost Garage to keep our customers on the move throughout the repair process.

How long will my repair take?

As soon as your car comes to the shop our estimator will take you through the entire repair process, from the damage assessment to the drying of the paint.

How are funds disbursed for my insurance claim?

If you fall into our Direct Repair program, the insurance claim will be sent directly to Jost Garage.
If not, you will receive the insurance claim funds for your vehicle repair.

Does Jost Garage have a warranty program?

Yes, we offer a full warranty on our repairs for as long as you own the vehicle.

Will my rates go up for filing an insurance claim?

Auto insurance rates are different between each company and policy, we can assist you in getting the answer for your respective auto insurance company.

If I’m not at fault, how do I get my deductible back?

Your insurance company will subrogate the at fault insurance company. This will lead to a recuperation of the money they were owed as well as the money you are owed. Simply contact your insurance once repairs are complete to receive your deductible.